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Enough of the Rough (HD, Stereo & CC – 11:30)

Ty and his newly formed rock band get invited to perform at Tara’s birthday party. While there they help Tara to treat friends fairly by not playing so roughly.

Wish Wish I Was A Fish (HD, Stereo & CC – 12:30)

Rudy finally learns to swim and ends up in big race with Mo Mosasaur after encouragement from Ty and Steffy to conquer his fear of water.

Blue Bursters (HD, Stereo & CC – 9:00)

Ty the T-Rex helps Hank to become more tolerant of trying new healthy foods such as Blue Bursters. Hank soon becomes a fan of Ty’s amazing pancakes.

Sharing at the Park (HD, Stereo & CC – 9:00)

Ty the T-Rex, Hank and two children from the future help Rudy to see the benefits of sharing activities at the park.


Excerpts & scenes from Ty the T-Rex episodes: