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Are you interested in working with our CREATIVE team to

Develop a new song or music cartoon about a specific topic, idea or business

Animate your song or music into a cartoon

Animate your story into a cartoon

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Our creative team will develop, support and create new music, your music or stories into cartoons.  What could be more powerful than award-winning music and cartoons in helping support your message?  A partnership with us maybe exactly what you are looking for and need! We would be delighted to take a moment to discuss with you how we could work together and support both of our passions!  Send us a note and let’s get creative together on communicating your idea or message!




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Future Plans

We will continue to be committed to work on our main goal of producing high quality music and cartoons for you and your family to watch and enjoy.


We are delighted to provide several KIDSTERS Music Cartoons that includes Captain Rhubarb and Plane Ride – the KIDSTERS Music Cartoon Playlist can be found here. Also, we are extremely excited to be offering under the KIDSTERS Music Cartoons label the opportunity for others to have their very own copyrighted children’s music be made into cartoon by our creative team.  Please contact us if you want your children’s music to come to life in a “cartoon way” at


Our recently released music CD  called TAKING TYME was with the support of Creative Saskatchewan and Cosmo Industries – we are grateful for their support!  From that album we have developed a 5th Ty the T-REX music cartoon to be aired soon in Canada on CityTV.   COUNT WITH ME has received international recognition via the last ISC songwriting award competition.


We have been moving forward the evolution process of Ty the T-REX to Ty the T-BULL cartoons,  This work will provide us the opportunity to create additional award-winning music cartoons for you and your family to enjoy  Character personalities and names will be similar to what you know – however, the cartoon characters will just not be as old – see how Ty the T-REX and his dinosaur friends have evolved here.   Finally, we will continue to produce more Ty the T-BULL music cartoons.  Our newest arrival is the Taking Tyme music cartoon!  These music cartoons can be viewed on our YOUTUBE channel.