About Ty

Ty the T-Rex and Ty the T-BULL

are award winning Music Cartoons

for children (and parents too) !

Our cartoons use colourful fun-loving characters
that sing and laugh their way through enduring life-long lessons
that we all need to be reminded of from time to time.



Each music cartoon has one or more characters facing a dilemma or learning a concept familiar to pre-school children.  A variety of music is used that extends from rock, rap, country, jazz or even zydeco.





Ty #3Ty the T-REX (Ty the T-BULL) is a big green Tyrannosaurus Rex (Bull) with a mop of orange hair and a giant toothy grin. Even though most of Dino City’s (Critter City) residents are friendly, Ty is the most enthusiastic and charismatic. He loves food and is always thinking about his next meal; for everyone Ty is an amazing cook and often shares his healthy ideas and messages with his friends (and the audience too)!



rudy-bioRudy Raptor (Rudy Rooster) moves a mile a minute. Before he finishes one idea he’s usually on to the next. Rudy often joins Ty and Hank on their adventures because he can’t stand being left out of the fun. Rudy is a schemer and is always thinking up games and adventures for his dinosaur friends to play.




steffyboSteffy Stegosaurus (Steffy Cat) has a beautiful blue appearance, blond wavy hair and a friendly smile, which is extremely contagious to all.  Steffy can be very serious and earnest, but also loves to tell all sorts of funny dinosaur jokes that make Ty and his friends roll around on the ground giggling and laughing hysterically!




Hank the Ankylosaur (Hank the Hound) is pudgy and has an enormous and powerful club tail.  Hank processes information a little slower than his peers, but he can add great comic relief to a tense situation.  He is very much a go-with-the-flow kind of dinosaur, always willing to tag along on Ty’s adventures. He is the eternal optimist and when he gets excited his giant club tail shakes and rattles uncontrollably causing great-unknown adventures.




Parry Parasolophus (Parry Elephant) is a large duck-billed dinosaur with 43 rows of teeth and braces on all of them! The brain of the group, Parry is usually the first to point out the obvious flaws in Rudy’s schemes. Although Parry is very smart, he also has a reputation for being terribly silly; Parry has a large horn on his head, which he can play like a trumpet or just make silly tooting noises.




Mo Mosasaur (Mo Robo) is a humongous dark scaled water creature that possesses a booming, deep and raspy voice which can be overwhelming to some.  Competitive and powerful, Mo always wants to finish first in any activity that he participates in.  Though he appears rough and tough, deep down inside he has a very soft heart.




Tara Pteradon (Tara Izer) is petite in stature, but large in personality.  She has a sweet egocentric way about her that can wear on the others like a squeaky wheel.  With riveting eyes and a know it all attitude, she brings tension and a need for higher moral lessons to the gang at Dino City (Critter City).




hankTales of Ty the T-REX (Tales of Ty the T-BULL) music cartoons are designed to stimulate young imaginations and heighten children’s intellectual curiosity for the purpose of promoting cognitive, social, moral, and emotional development in preschool children.  Because young children readily identify with and relate to the music cartoon characters as well as engage with the rich and up-beat music, the cartoons have the power to constructively inform children in a positive manner.






SettingThe opening lyrics of Tales of Ty the T-REX portrays a lush environmentally friendly green paradise in which Ty and his buddies contentedly reside:  “A long time ago in Dino City, Ty lived with his buddies. They laughed and giggled and were always keen, to keep things happy clean and green. Dino City had no fuel to make things run; instead they used hydro, wind, and sun…”   Ty and his friends don’t have access to fossil fuel and the animations can creatively demonstrate alternative methods of how energy can be created and used productively.

Episodes of Ty the T-REX

Enough of the Rough (HD, Stereo & CC – 11:30)

Ty and his newly formed rock band get invited to perform at Tara’s birthday party. While there they help Tara to treat friends fairly by not playing so roughly.

Wish Wish I Was A Fish (HD, Stereo & CC – 12:30) Rudy finally learns to swim and ends up in big race with Mo Mosasaur after encouragement from Ty and Steffy to conquer his fear of water.

Sharing at the Park (HD, Stereo & CC – 9:00) Ty the T-Rex, Hank and two children from the future help Rudy to see the benefits of sharing activities at the park.

Blue Bursters (HD, Stereo & CC – 9:00) Ty the T-Rex helps Hank to become more tolerant of trying new healthy foods such a